Monday, March 2, 2015

Beautiful Soi Safari Lodge on Lake Baringo, Kenya

In my last post, I shared part of my boat tour on Lake Baringo. My stay was at the beautiful Soi Safari Lodge. 

This post continues with a brief peek into the interior of the reception building and surrounding areas. My next post about this area will show some more of the wildlife and views from the lake.

I hope you enjoy the tour! 

These grey crowned cranes seem to be resident birds greet you as you enter  Soi Safari Lodge.
I've read that though these cranes are widely distributed throughout Africa, their existence is threatened by development and degradation of the wetlands. 

The resident ostriches want to welcome you too!

The doors helpfully open automatically as you enter the reception area.

This statue of an African woman also stands at the outside door to the lodge.

I love the reception area of this lodge because of  the African themed furnishings and knick knacks.

The wood used throughout the lodge is very beautiful. I'm not sure what it is but I absolutely love the ceiling.

I made my way up to this area to have a massage given by the magical fingers of Pettie. After my visit I hear she went back to Mombasa her home area but since then she has gone to Dubai for work. She posted a very short update to me around Christmas. It is very difficult for Kenyans to find work at home and thus they often end up far away from home.

Restaurant with lovely wall murals

Looking out from the restaurant windows. I ended up purchasing a bag just like the one hanging on the wall.
This path led the way to cottages where I stayed.

The cottage area. You can also stay in a multi-level building which is more like a traditional hotel.

Beautiful garden near the pool area.

Several of these unique roofs exist on the property.
Swimming pool area which I enjoyed on the morning of my departure.
Manager  of the lodge. I met him working on his lap top in the bar area and we had a lovely chat.

This is the fantastic view from the bar area.

This lodge is my idea of a wonderful place to stay. Rustic yet very comfortable and with amenities like swimming pool, massage, bar and gift shop. From Nairobi It is a long journey to this very dry area of the country and a place that many foreigners never get too. Tourism in Kenya has been very badly affected since 2008 due to terrorism and insecurity in the country. However it is my view that the country is still safer than being in some large cities of the world.

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